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Provision for liabilities calculator will be useful when..._

Provision for liabilities calculator will be useful when...

Publication date: 2012-12-28 19:06:55

  • You have a dilemma if you should set up a liability provision or do not know how and when to disclose a contingent liability;
  • You need to calculate retirement employee benefit provision -You do not have too much time to calculate holiday pay provision or warranty cost accrual;
  • You are looking for a provision calculation tool that does not need a complex or huge amount information to calculate a reliable provision for liabilities;
  • You have calculated a provision for leaves or provision for warranty claims but there is no one to check your calculations;
  • You are an auditor looking for a clever tool to audit holiday leave accrual calculations, or a provision for warranty expenses, or quickly ascertain whether provision recognition criteria have been met.

Provision for liabilities calculator

Slawomir Ekman

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