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Valuation and market value

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You want to make an approximate valuation of your business and for this purpose apply various business valuation methods

You have a trademark (brand, logo), patent, technology or other intangible asset and you want to quickly check their market value

You want to quickly check a value of a commercial real estate (commercial premises, leased warehouse or office)

You need to value shares or bonds of a company but you do not know how to check it yourself

You are looking for an easy-to-use Present Value Calculator
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Service description24iValue acts like an expert whose aim is to get the market value of assets such as real estate, brands, patents, know-how and to value shares, bonds or estimate an enterprise value using different valuation methods.

This expert system will guide you by the hand through the entire process of valuation. Thanks to the built-in hints you will find out what data needs to be taken into account to obtain a reliable result. You will do it in line with the practices followed by the specialists in this field.

Thanks to 24iValue you will quickly find out the market value of the relevant assets. You will calculate it yourself, saving a lot of time and money.

This module will come in handy when you need to quickly value a revenue-generating group of assets, trademark, technology, etc. and you do not have enough time, money or simply the will to outsource it to external consultants.

Do you know that ... ?

 One of the key pieces of information about a company is its fair market value. But how to value a company…? Unfortunately, you can only determine this value precisely if the company is listed on the stock exchange.

There are, however, some business valuation methods that might be useful when determining the approximate value of a business. One of such methods is the valuation through market comparison and the application of multiples. In this method the market value of an enterprise is the product of a given market multiple and the corresponding financial ratio of the company such as for instance net profit, sales revenues, equity, or total assets in the balance sheet.

Most of us are not valuation specialists and thus calculating the market value of assets (using for instance net present value), is considered a difficult task to undertake without the assistance of an expert.

The amount of information to take into account in such a valuation and usually a scarce knowledge of the possible methods of market valuation increase the risk of an asset being under or overvalued. 

The Valuation and Market Value Module has been designed for the persons who for their own needs must face the task of valuation even though they are not experts in this field and they have no time for training.

The system uses, among others, income-approach methods, discounted cash flow methods, a Present Value Calculator, and a set of market multiples. We do not have to understand them because the built-in tips guide the user through the steps of valuation suggesting what to enter and where to get the data from, leading straight to the result.

The business valuation, valuation of brand, bonds or commercial real estate, and calculating a net present value, become achievable even for a layman in this field.

The 24 hour availability of the service allows us to perform various calculations whenever needed and at the same time we can save plenty of time and money.

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Valuation and market value

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This option is best if you wish to value a company (using different business valuation methods), calculate market value of a commercial real estate property or of a trade mark or a know how; or if you are looking for a Present Value Calculator.

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