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24iValue - what is it?_

24iValue- what is it?

Publication date: 2012-11-22 20:05:43

24iValue is an additional tool to traditional consulting in the financial reporting and accounting for income taxes and in many instances it can replace such consulting. See what kind of services are available in 24iValue! 

The system will guide you by the hand through the process of calculation, so that you can easily perform well even without the knowledge of the financial and accounting issues.

Without having to wait for support from your advisors you can quickly check or calculate corporation tax (use it as a tax generator or tax calculator), deferred tax asset, deferred tax liability, prepare cash flow statement (in accordance with IAS 7), test for impairment non-current asset (IAS 36), calculate holiday leave accrual or a provision for warranty expenses or employee benefits, calculate allowance for bad and doubtful debts or inventory provision, and perform calculations related to financial leasing (IAS 17).

If you are good at the above mentioned areas then use 24iValue as a verification tool for what you have been doing so that you will have your work verified in a short time and will become independent of your advisers.

Slawomir Ekman

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