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VALUE is a company providing access to 24iValue - an online expert system - the first service of its type worldwide. 

24iValue imitates the process of thinking and action of a "conventional" (human) expert, and together with the user solves finance and accounting problems. For example, corporate income tax and deferred tax, impairment charges, cash flow and calculates the data required for the recognition and measurement of financial leasing.

This is the perfect solution for people who need practical support in accounting, for whom the theory available in other sites is not enough. Thanks to 24iValue frequent internal and external consultations, by phone or by email on issues that financial and accounting people have the most difficulties with, become redundant. If these consultations carry costs, it is certainly good to use 24iValue to reduce them. It reduces the costs of training, because it leads you by the hand through the entire process of calculation, so it can be done even by someone who is not familiar with a complex or specialized accounting or reporting issue. Some training becomes superfluous at this point. 24iValue enhances work and saves a lot of time, which is always less in finance and accounting.

The 24iValue service is a packet of accounting and tax-related electronic services provided on-line over a www site that is addressed primarily to accountants and tax accountants, and also to financial directors, reporting departments, accounting departments, financial controllers, internal auditors, certified auditors and tax consultants who work for or support small, medium-sized and large companies with full accounting systems, as well as at management, supervisory bodies and owners of such entities. The English version of the applications built in the Service is based on the International Financial Reporting Standards and the basic principles of determining the Corporate Income Tax charge in the UK for the fiscal periods beginning on or after 6 April 2012. 

The 24iValue service is not focused on presenting technical aspects, regulations, interpretations, jurisdiction, etc. but places stress on solving accounting and reporting problems. The support provided to users by 24iValue results from an innovative web application combining a number of financial audit techniques and methods with an expanded systems of tooltips and help. In such configuration, service users may on their own check or make the key accounting and tax-related calculations with the use of audit techniques and methods but with no need of having advanced expertise and knowledge in this area. The service contributes a sort of independence to calculations made by its users and provides objective support to assessing whether the calculations are correct or not. 

The service has been invented and developed by Sławomir Ekman, an auditor and an ACCA qualified member who has been auditing financial statements since 2000. He has gained his experience and qualifications in one of the leading worldwide consulting companies. He has participated in and supervised audits of hundreds enterprises of various size and sectors that reported in accordance with different accounting and reporting standards (e.g. IFRS, Polish, UK, and German GAAPs). Due to the significant experience in auditing and extensive knowledge of accounting and reporting issues, it was possible to develop the tools for 24iValue that, although being innovative, supports users using a number of tested and reliable techniques. 

The 24iValue service, including its graphic and work signs of the Service names (logo, 24iValue), Service software as well as all materials and content provided via the Service and the solutions used in the Service, are all subject to protection as set forth in the regulations on intellectual property rights, including those that are directly applied in international regulations. The appearance, operating principle and concept of the Service constitute a protected industrial design and are subject to protection in compliance with the related laws, for both services functioning as 24iValue (worldwide and in Poland).

Owner and Administrator of the Service and Copyright holder:
VALUE Sp. z o.o. (Limited liability company) with its registered office in Poland, Gdynia, 81-361, at ul. Mściwoja 9/10a, registered with the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS 0000374259, Tax Identification Number 586-226-29-76, Statistical Number 221152658.
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