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Valuation of financial instruments

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You need (quickly) to value financial instruments

You need to value a loan or a debt financial instrument  using the amortized cost method

You do not often calculate the IRR or not often calculate present value but need a quick assistance

You want to quickly value forward contracts but have no knowledge in this field

The fair value has already been calculated but you have none who could quickly check these calculations
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Service description24iValue acts like an expert who has to value financial instruments for balance-sheet purposes. It will guide you by the hand through the entire process of valuation and thanks to that - even if you do not know what the IRR discount rate, fair value (e.g. forward contracts) or the amortised cost is - you can still perform the valuation you need yourself. You will do it in line with the current accounting standards (IAS 39).

Thanks to 24iValue you will easily calculate the balance-sheet value of financial instruments and save much more than a few hours of work.

This module will come in handy when you need to quickly determine the amortised cost for borrowing, loan, bonds, etc. Moreover, you can easily calculate IRR and then calculate present value. It will also be useful when you need to quickly and easily value forward contracts or commodity futures.

Do you know that ... ?

We, as accountants often assume that it is not possible for the difference between the traditional valuation of a loan or borrowing (principal and accrued but unpaid interest) and the amortised cost measurement to be significant and some deny its existence altogether.

Unfortunately, this approach is doomed to produce an error. The difference between valuations exists because the amortised cost measurement is based on discounting and takes into account the time value of money and also evenly spreads the costs of commissions and interest through the entire loan term. For example, a great difference occurs when the commission is paid upon receipt of loan or when the interest on the fixed interest rate loan is paid as a one-off payment at the end of the loan term.

Financial instruments and their valuation for balance-sheet purposes prove a very difficult task for most of us. The amount of information to take into account and usually scarce knowledge of cash flow discounting increase the risk of errors. 

The Financial Instruments module has been developed for persons who need to face the task of valuation even though they have no time for training and show a lack of practice in this field.

Thanks to the hints, the fair value or the amortised cost method and its application for the valuation of borrowings, loans, bonds, bills, etc. is a piece of cake even for someone with little knowledge in this matter and even … for someone who hears about the existence of the IRR for the first time and can hardly calculate present value.

If we want to value forward contracts, this system will not let us get lost while determining their fair value. You do not need an advanced financial calculator or multiple calculation sheets to do it. It is clear to see where to enter what in order to obtain a reliable result.

The 24 hour availability of the service allows us to perform various calculations whenever needed and at the same time we can save plenty of time and money.

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Valuation of financial instruments

60£ transfer or card

Full access to the module

This option is best if you wish to value the financial instruments using the amortised cost method or value the forward contracts (for commodities or for FX).

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